Wedding Magician

How To Turn Your Special Day Into A Magical Day…

The two most remembered elements of any wedding party (apart from the ceremony of course) are the entertainment and the food. Your guests need to be wined and dined as the special guests that they are, but what is remembered most is that they had a really fantastic time. In fact, a recent survey of wedding guests revealed a fascinating fact…. 79% of attendees remembered the entertainment more than anything else at the party.

Here’s an idea that is guaranteed to make everyone lucky enough to be given an invitation to your party, remember and talk about for the rest of their days…

Pip performs at dozens of wedding parties every year and regularly has people telling him about miracles he performed for them weeks, months and even years before. His magic makes such an impression on people, they remember it for a long time afterwards

Let Pip offer you a hand in marriage…



Close Up Magic

The most popular form of magic at weddings is Pip’s intimate close-up magic.

Pip your Wedding Magician has your guests jaws drop in astonishment as he turns a £5 note into a £50 note or folds rubber bands into unfathomable shapes , all while laughing hysterically at the string of one liners and banter with your guests.

They won’t want him to leave and look forward to his return – he is that much fun.

Here’s where you can use Pip’s Close Up Magic…


Photo Call

The wedding photos are your record of the day and bring all the wonderful memories flooding back to you in years to come. However, it can also be a time of extreme boredom for some of your guests who may only be needed for one or two photos. Pip can lighten the mood with miracles performed right under the noses of your guests or in their hands. The time simply flies by for them, and when it’s their turn to be photographed they are smiling from ear to ear and clearly having fun.




Drinks Reception

Usually, you find guests gravitating to people they know and small groups start forming. Pip’s magic brings these groups together, entertains them and then leaves them talking about what they have just seen. If fact it is the perfect icebreaker that sparks conversation that lasts long after his performance.



Wedding Breakfast

Imagine hearing cheers, laughter and applause from different parts of the room during your wedding breakfast as Pip moves from table to table baffling and entertaining your guests with unbelievable feats that defy the laws of physics.

Pip performs a very special piece of theatre reserved exclusively for the bride and groom which leaves them with a small, impossible memento to remind them of the magic of their special day. Pip can work closely with your photographer to ensure the magic moment is recorded for prosperity.



Nice Quiet Speeches…

Pip can arrange a special show in a separate room for the children during the speeches to make sure that the speeches are nice and peaceful, as well as making the children feel special in their own private show.




The Room Of Mystery

If you are looking for something very special and completely different, then you should consider “The Room Of Mystery”

All you need to do is set aside one room that isn’t being used for your wedding (smaller is better) that is designated “The Room Of Mystery” – during the evening, Pip invites groups of 6-12 people into his special room. Once inside they are treated to an exclusive 10-15 minute Close Up Magic performance, unlike any they would have experienced before. When Pip has full control over the situation, with no external distractions, it allows your guests to fully concentrate,  giving a better “Show Experience” with mind-blowing magic not possible in any other situation.

The best thing is that all the guests are asked to keep the secret as to what happens in “The Room Of Mystery” – so as not to spoil it for others. It is better if the guests are not told there is a magician, as this helps to heighten the suspense and make it even more exciting.



Stand Up Cabaret

After the speeches and before the band or disco, Pip can take what is traditionally a very quiet and often boring time and fill it with laughter and magic with his Stand Up Cabaret show.

The show can be performed to allow everyone to watch and enjoy at the same time. Still the same high quality entertainment, with different, but none-the-less action packed fun-filled magic.

  • Can you imagine the astonishment in your guests as Pip escapes Houdini style from shackles and padlocks placed on his wrists by the strongest guests you can provide.
  • Witness Mind Reading that stuns everyone as Pip correctly reads the minds of various guests chosen at random from around the room.
  • How about adding a stage illusion and sawing your new “Mother In Law” in half with a black and decker !!!

Pip brings his own colourful scenery (space permitting) and sound equipment to ensure that all your guests see a “proper” show. A show full of fun and laughter, along with the very strongest of magic that entertains all who see it.


Pip is an award-winning magician with years of experience and can advise and help you choose the best combination of styles for your special day. He is able to baffle, amaze and amuse with his quick wit and fun sense of humour, whilst interacting with, and entertaining your guests.

Experience the magic of Pip Kennedy on your magical day.