Corporate Hospitality

Impress Your VIPs And Grow Your Business…

Corporate hospitality was originally designed to help sales people build relationships with customers and clients, but it is now more commonly used to schmooze your companies shareholders, suppliers and top clients – the VIPs that allow your company to grow and flourish.

These people not only deserve the best but quite often expect it. You need to offer your guests something special to make a positive lasting impression. One wrong choice during the planning of your event could spell disaster for next years sales figures!

Over the years, Pip has been invited to many such events where the image and the suitability of the entertainment has to be perfect to ensure a successful outcome. His experience comes into play not only before the event during the planning stage, but especially on the day, when he can step in at a moments notice to entertain and baffle VIPs and hide the fact that the food is delayed due to an unforeseeable accident in the kitchen!

Pip is your insurance that guarantees happy guests throughout your important party.


Outside Events

Pip’s magic is great way to make your VIPs feel special in your corporate box at the theatre, sports venue or any corporate hospitality suite. They are royally entertained, maybe while sipping a glass of champagne prior to the main show.

Pip stuns your guests and creates a fun atmosphere between races or at halftime at any venue. Where do you plan to hold your next important hospitality event? I bet Pip has worked there before and can help you create just the right mood.

Pip was booked on one occasion to entertain in a limousine for a journey from one part of London to another to put the important guests into a relaxed and fun mood for the evenings meeting. The client was over the moon with the results as an important deal was done later that night !!


Board Meetings

Pip has been asked to attend several board meetings, again to entertain, lighten the mood and put people into a relaxed state of mind ready to discuss the matters of the day. When you wish to make a specific point during your sales meeting then Pip can work with you to design a special bespoke magic effect that he performs to help drive your message home.

Alternatively, you might consider giving the members of your board a treat at the end of a long meeting with a short stand up presentation
In short a custom built magical performance that delivers the result you want with the minimum of fuss, by a skilful, experienced and helpful performer that goes the extra mile to ensure your event is the roaring success you quite rightly demand.