Conference Entertainment

Close-Up Magic

Ideal for smaller seminars up to around 150 people…

The most popular form of magic at these events is intimate Close-Up magic performed during your reception, during your meal with Pip moving from table to table or simply when you have groups of people mixing and mingling. Close-Up magic is the most amazing and startling of all the types of magic, as it is performed right under the noses of your guests, inches from them, even in their hands. It is also one of the most skilful types of magic for these very reasons.

Pip is an award-winning close up magician with years of experience in just about every different setting you can think of. He is able to baffle, amaze and amuse with his quick wit and fun sense of humour, whilst interacting with, and entertaining your guests.

No two performances are ever the same. This is a perfect as an ice breaker for guests that may not know each other. Pip’s magic gives them a common conversation subject that has them talking in no time.

For larger groups of people, Pip can supply and works with multiple magicians and other entertainers that will compliment his performance while ensuring that everyone is entertained during your seminar.


Stand Up Cabaret

Ideal for groups of 30 people or more…

Compliment Pip’s Close Up Magic with his “Comedy Stand Up Show”. Your custom built show is action packed, full of stunning magic and high quality entertainment, that all your guests can enjoy together.

  • Can you imagine the astonishment in your friends as Pip escapes Houdini style from shackles and padlocks placed on his wrists by the strongest guests you can provide.
  • Witness Mind Reading that stuns everyone as Pip correctly reads the minds of various guests chosen at random from around the room.
  • Lots of comedy as your guests lose their property, watches, wallets, glasses and more into Pip’s locked box but against all the odds all is well in the end!

Pip uses his own colourful scenery (space permitting) and sound equipment to ensure that all your guests see a proper show. How about adding some stage illusions, see a guest floating in the air, on the back of a chair or sawing a friend in half, all this and lots more is possible.

A show full of fun and laughter, along with the very strongest of magic that entertains all who see it. Your event is the talk of the town and those that miss it will regret it for a very long time.

A custom built show just for your party taking account of your wishes, the space available and of course the number of guests.

Pip’s Stand Up Show can be booked with or without his Close Up magic. They compliment each other very well, can make your party a magical event, but also work well by themselves, so you can arrange just the Stand Up show – anything from 10 up to 45 minutes in length – or just the Close Up magic if you prefer. This is the perfect solution if a time void appears in your schedule, but I urge you not to miss the fun, magic and memories that this show is guaranteed to give you.

Cabaret for last night dinner

Close up around the tables

Feature item to illustrate a point, theme or concept

Magical opening ceremony – Make the speaker or MD appear by magic