Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah

Here’s How To Create A
Memorable Barmitzvah Party…

This is probably the most important day of your young man or lady’s life, and it is as important to Pip as it is to you that it is just right for you, your family and all your guests.

A truly outstanding and special day for your Barmitzvah and all your extended family, a day they remember for the rest of their lives.

So let’s make your Simcha stand out from the crowd. Pip believes your party requires something “out of the ordinary” to make your special day special, here are some ideas for you to choose from, pick as many as you like, they work wonderfully well together. If you prefer to talk to Pip then, by all means, give him a call on 020 8651 2127


Close Up Magic

Pip, your Barmitzvah Magician, entertains teenagers, their parents and families with suitable age appropriate close-up magic.

Watch the faces of your guests as they see wondrous happenings take place in their hands and right before their eyes. Hear gasps of amazement, laughter and rounds of applause break out wherever Pip happens to be working. Later you hear positive comment after positive comment from your guests about what Pip did for them – it happens all the time.


Here’s Where To Use Pip’s Close Up Magic…


Drinks Reception

Usually you find guests gravitating to people they know and small groups start forming. Pip’s magic brings these groups together, entertains them and then leaves them talking about what they have just seen. It is the perfect ice breaker that sparks conversation that lasts long after his performance. People often talk about Pip years after the event – he can have that much of an effect on people, but most of all it is memorable and great fun.

Any performance time is possible to fit in with your wishes or schedule. He can even fill in for those unforeseeable delays at a moment’s notice if required. Think of him as your “get out of jail free” card for tricky situations that sometimes occur.


Table Magic During Your Meal

The seating arrangements for dinner often consist of the adults sitting together, and the young adults surrounding the mitzvah. This requires a different approach and style of performance for each table. Pip effortlessly travels from one table to the next, pitching the magic at just the right level. Baffling the young adults with streetwise style magic, while at the same time charming and schmoozing the all important grandparents. The magic is strong, astounding, baffling and at times astonishing but most of all entertaining for everyone who experiences it.


Magic Workshop

Teenagers are at that age when what others think about them is becoming more important to them. They are looking for a way to be more interesting than the next person, a reason to be the centre of attention.

Pip can teach these teenagers some easy to perform (but none-the-less very strong) magic that they can go away and practise, and then perform shortly afterwards for their friends and family. It could even ignite that spark of interest that could lead to a new hobby. It was at a young age in a similar situation that Pip himself became interested in magic, which has now grown and become his full-time profession.


Stand Up Cabaret

For a spectacular finish to the evening or just before the dancing starts, Pip can perform his interactive, situation comedy (nothing unsavoury or rude) Stand Up Cabaret style show.

The show can be performed to allow everyone to watch and enjoy at the same time. Still the same high quality entertainment, with different, but still action packed and fun-filled magic.

  • Can you imagine the astonishment in your guests as Pip escapes Houdini style from shackles and padlocks placed on his wrists by the strongest guests you can provide?
  • Witness Mind Reading that stuns everyone as Pip correctly reads the minds of various guests chosen at random from around the room.
  • How about adding a stage illusion and floating your mitzvah in the air with no visible means of support!!!

Pip dresses his stage with colourful scenery (space permitting) and sound equipment to ensure that all your guests see a “proper” show. Your show is full of fun and laughter; along with some very strong magic that entertains all who see it.

Pip is an award-winning magician with years of experience and can advise and help you choose the best combination of styles for your special day. He is able to baffle, amaze and amuse with his quick wit and fun sense of humour, whilst interacting with, and entertaining your guests.

All this is guaranteed to happen when you experience the magic of Pip Kennedy. Make your mitzvahs special day magical by calling 020 8651 2127 or by filling in this little form right now.