The Early Days

Pip was born at a very early age in South London. When he was 5 years old he found a plastic finger chopper trick which he performed for the first time on his grandmother, much to her dismay. She recalled later being pretty terrified at the time, but grandma lived to tell the tale!

During his primary school book week, Pip chose a magic book, which he read from cover to cover before the end of the school day. This book sparked his interest in magic and performance. He still has that book today – the book that started Pip down the road to his eventual magical career.


First Performance

Pip’s first public performance was at the age of 8 at his Cub Scout group, during their summer fair. On to the stage walked a very nervous youngster to do his show of 10 minutes for an audience consisting of friends, family and members of the public, around 50 people in all. This was his biggest audience yet, having only performed to a few family members before. The show went very well and soon after he was awarded his Cubs Entertainment Badge. Later, he performed his magic in many Cub and Scout “Gang Shows”

Pip’s next big performance was in front of his entire primary school when he offered to do some magic during the school assembly with a couple of friends. He ended up running the assembly, directing the others who were helping and pretty much doing every trick he knew. Although the other two decided never to do anything like that again, Pip found that he loved hearing people applaud and laugh while he entertained them.


Learning Stage Craft

During his secondary school years, Pip would conjure up magical ideas while delivering newspapers early in the morning. He saved the money earned to buy new magic books and props. He also practiced his magic every night before doing his homework! Very soon he found himself being invited to perform at children’s parties in his local area, and quickly discovered he was earning more money from doing these shows at the weekend than he was getting for a full weeks paper round and it was much more fun. He loved being able to buy more magic and gadgets. He also started Amateur Dramatics, acting in plays, and singing and dancing in musical theatre. He was often invited to perform at “Olde Time Music Halls” which helped him hone his stage craft.


First Job

After leaving college Pip went to work at a holiday camp as a blue-coat for a year. This gave him invaluable insights into performing for many different types of people, learning how to use a microphone, breaking the ice by creating a fun and lively atmosphere, as well as being able to watch and learn from professional entertainers every night of the week. Pip has always maintained that this unique experience can only be gained by doing this kind of work. Pip felt very privileged working with the best entertainment team at any holiday camp for a whole season.

When Pip returned from his year at the holiday camp, he decided to turn his hobby into his full-time profession. At the age of 18, Pip auditioned for membership of The Magic Circle, and was accepted, as the then youngest member, of the most prestigious magic organisation in the world.

Magic is not just a job for Pip, it is a vocation, a way of life, he breathes, eats and sleeps magic. Having performed magic since he was a child he has a thorough understanding of what entertains any given audience. He is often asked if his magic ever goes wrong, and the answer is yes, occasionally, but given his experience and natural charm he has always been able to win over an audience to the point where they are on his side, and the magic going wrong doesn’t really matter. In fact most of the time the audience never even know there has been a problem.

Magic has taken Pip around the world, performing for royalty and celebrities and in places that he wouldn’t have ever dreamed of visiting if it were not for his talent and profession. He has come a long way since that first Cub Scout show…


Pip has a wealth of experience in every type of party or celebration you can imagine (and many that you haven’t thought of yet) and his only desire is that your event is an outstanding success that you want it to be, whether he is with you or not.

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